Sustainability and the responsible use of resources is a daily commitment in Novarese

We carry it out by selecting partner companies that strive to reduce their emissions and by producing part of the energy we need ‘in house,’ with the long-term goal of becoming self-sufficient.

Two photovoltaic systems, installed on the roof over our heads, help to power our plant

The first system, which came into operation in 2011, generates up to 240,000 kWh. The second, added in 2020, produces up to 135,000. Their production combined covers more than 60% of the plant’s energy needs.

Besides economic convenience, what does this mean for the

These photovoltaic systems mean we avoid consuming fossil fuels to produce the same amount of energy, and consequently do not release any more harmful Co2 into the atmosphere.

For instance, our plants produce 850 kilowatts in a day, the equivalent to 205 litres of oil and 500 tons of Co2. It would take over 65,000 trees to capture this much carbon from the atmosphere! We’re sure our exhausted forests give thanks.

C02 emissions saved
Liters of oil saved
Equivalent trees

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