Here in Novarese, we believe that technology helps us to work better.

We follow carefully automation and mechanization’s developments in the footwear industry, especially in Italy. By installing machinery which sped up constructive phases, we were able to transform our production department into a paragon of efficiency, and to gain a big competitive advantage on the market.

The Fab Five

In our operation area we have five lines, one of which is entirely reserved to prototypes. We offer thirteen different production methods for shoes with leather or rubber sole, for women and men:


Strobel lasting method

Ago working

Blake & Blake Rapid




Good year flex


Slip – lasting method

Handcraft antiquing

Handcraft polishing

Every line is devoted to a singular product family and can finish up to 350 pairs of shoes per day. We are very skilled in the treatment and use of exotic leathers; furthermore, we create special patterns for runners or climbers, and we craft the exclusive Gemme and Piumino boots.

Novarese Shoes Production
Novarese Shoes Production

Please meet Novarese’s Avengers.

Our technical office counts four technicians and three operators specialized in raw materials testing, coding and quality check.

We project samples and prototypes with CAD/CAM systems, and we cut them in our factory, with latest generation machines.
Part of our production is entrusted to local workshops and trustworthy partners in the EU; stitching, finishing and repairing take place inside the factory.
To support the production department, we also have two expert operators who are able to industrialize, identify and resolve any possible (and impossible) critical mission. Finally, an industrial engineer follows — amongst various activities — planning, department checklists, quality reports and production balance.

Novarese Shoes Production
Novarese Shoes Production

When we built the new headquarters of Novarese, between 2015 and 2016, we wanted them to be suited for an expanding company. Also, we decided to make the most of the relocation, turning it into an opportunity for growth: We took inspiration from the Lean Organization approach and revolutionized our logistic and internal organization.

There’s a place for everything.

The offices and department spaces have been arranged functionally, so that we could avoid useless movements of objects and people. Moreover, the redefining of corporate structure allowed us to create a new business culture based on the same values for everybody: openness, determination, enthusiasm, responsibility, respect.

Optimizing is caring.

We focused on the processes, both internal and external: We merged specific tasks, cancelled non-proficient activities, and studied management plans for goods supply and storage. This led to shorter waiting time for raw materials input and orders shipping, with consequent benefits for our clients.

Dangerous liaisons aren’t our cup of tea.

Novarese is a robust company, able to offer not just an excellent product but also technical, logistic and administrative services, with precise payments and punctual delivery. No, we didn’t make this up, it’s our clients who confirm it, knowing they can count on our experience, reliability and confidentiality. We are excellent keepers of sensitive data and industrial secrets.

Don’t stop, don’t surrender.

We never missed out the opportunity to try new things and experiment with peculiar designs. In 2005 we created D-S!DE, a customizable sneakers brand we sold in 2018, and in 2010 we invented O’Keeffe. It’s still a developing project, in which we poured tech skills and our commercial and marketing vision. So far, the adventure has been extremely satisfactory.

Would you like to know more?

For information about shoe patterns and productions, or to make an appointment, call us or send an e-mail. We may not look like it, but we love talking business. Especially when it’s our own.