Take a bold main character who, after working for twenty years, decides to risk everything and create his own company in poor and devastated post-war Italy.

Add a growing family which links its children and grandchildren’s destiny to the factory.

Spice up with generous amounts of joy and sadness, success and fail.

Stir it up with a spoon of passing time.

Put in the oven for 70 years and voilà, you’ve got the story of Novarese.

Since 1946 – when Nazareno Gismondi created his first workshop – the footwear market has completely changed. Materials, techniques, machinery, professions and, above all, clients’ requests. The world has become extremely fast, and if we wanted to remain valuable, we had but one choice: Becoming faster ourselves. We could have done it by lowering our quality standards, or by giving up on that creativity we were always proud of.

But resignation was never part of Novarese’s DNA: We accepted the challenge and decided to grow. We opened our departments to new technologies, without letting them overcome us; we studied the corporate organization and made it more effective; we took the very essence of our hand-craft tradition and invented new ways to express it; we observed our partners to understand their needs and anticipate them. Doing all of that was intense, but the results, both in performance and customers’ satisfaction, are greatly repaying us. It’s true what they say: Changing is risky, but not changing is far more dangerous.



Nazareno Gismondi establishes Tecla Varese


Luigi Gismondi, son of Nazareno, joins his father in managing the company, which changes its name to Calzaturificio Tecla di Gismondi Nazareno e Luigi


The Company becomes Calzaturificio Novarese di Luigi Gismondi


Collaboration with international brands begins


Novarese launches Rizzente, a luxury footwear brand. Unfortunately, the project is not as successful as expected, and it ends three years later


Partnerships with fashion brands increase, both with production partnership and production licenses


With the third generation of Gismondi – Luigi’s sons and daughter Andrea, Marilena and Mauro – the new Calzaturificio Novarese S.r.l. is born


Novarese launches D-S!DE, customizable sneakers brand


The company creates O’Keeffe, luxury footwear brand which merges Irish design with high Italian manufacture quality, and uses Good Year Flex patent for sole construction


Samuele Trippetta becomes part of the company team


Novarese moves to the new headquarters. The company starts a Lean Management project, in collaboration with www.vit.institute


New company image, new website and company profile

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