We’re not what we used to be.
We’re better.

When our company was born, in 1946, we were a small workshop. Today, our 6,000 sq. m. headquarters can boast five production lines, and we partner with the biggest luxury brands in the world.

Calzaturificio Novarese Company Shoes
Calzaturificio Novarese Company

We love to do things our own way.

In order to stay competitive during the years, we didn’t embrace the complete industrialization of production nor the “hand-made at all costs” philosophy. Instead, we chose a third way: Preserving the manufacturing art of our region, Marche, and our country, Italy, while adapting it to the contemporary market by constant plants and strategies’ updates.

Calzaturificio Novarese Company
calzaturificio novarese srl

Creation does not rhyme with improvisation.

Every production method is codified to be replied by different people, and guarantees an uninterrupted production flow, in any circumstances: If our best maestro gets a fever, our customers will receive their order anyway. Exactly as they wanted it.

Calzaturificio Novarese
Calzaturificio Novarese srl

Where there was chaos, we created order (and we’re maintaining it).

We use an automotive-inspired organization method to run a staff of 150 operators and a network of independent partners in our territory.

Production plans, internal and warehouse management, and plants layouts follow the principles of the Lean Organization, an approach based on continuous improvement of processes and customer satisfaction.

Would you like to know more?

For information about shoe patterns and productions, or to make an appointment, call us or send an e-mail. We may not look like it, but we love talking business. Especially when it’s our own.